Toyota Core IC Pneumatic

Toyota Forklift Internat Combustion Pneumatic Tire Forklift


Wildly durable and engineered with ergonomics in mind, the Core IC Pneumatic forklift can maneuver almost anything. With a lift capacity range of 3,000-6,500 lbs., the Toyota Core IC Pneumatic forklift is the premier material handling solution for most outdoor applications.


360 Degrees of Quality, Durability, Reliability and Value
  • Technician Programmable Speed Control
  • Fully-stamped steel side panels
  • Moisture resistant electric connectors
  • EPA/CARB certified gasoline engine
  • Integrated monitoring system
  • One-way automatic fork leveling
  • 2-stage limited free lift mast (V)


  • 6,500 lbs Lifting Capacity
  • 10.9 mph Travel Speed Full Load
  • Gas / LPG Fuel Type
  • Length to forkface 82.3-110.2 inches
  • Overhead Guard Height 81.9 - 85.5 inches
  • Overall Width 42.1 - 48.8 inches