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Kalmar Ottawa – Yard Tractors

Kalmar Ottawa – T2 4x2 Off Road

Kalmar is the world leader of terminal tractor manufacturing and technology. In 1958, Ottawa Truck, which was later acquired by Kalmar, introduced the first terminal tractor manufactured in the USA.

Kalmar terminal tractors are adapted to a variety of needs for cargo handling in ports and terminals. It can handle semi-trailers, terminal containers and roll trailers. In Ro/Ro applications, Kalmar uses its low clearance cab with minimum turning radius for those tight maneuvers.

Kalmar produces their Ottawa 6x4 terminal tractor which is a 6x4 tandem axle truck for over-the-road transport (in North America) of containers and trailers.



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Ottawa 4x2 Off Highway
Ottawa 4x2 DOT/EPA
Ottawa 6x4 DOT/EPA
Drive Numberof gears (F+R) 4x2, 3F + 1R 4x2, 4F + 1R 6x4, 4F + 1R
Power Torque (kW-rpm) (kN-rpm) 160HP @2200 540 LB/FT@1500 RPM 200HP @2300 520 LB/FT @1600 RPM 200HP @2300 520 LB/FT @1600 RPM
Tires 11R 22.5 11R 22.5 11R 22.5
Lifting capacity (In LBS) 60,000 60,000 63,300
Turning radius Wheelbase Feet 17 FT 17 FT 19.85 FT
Length / Width (Inches) 181 x 97 181 x 97 224.6 x 97
Weight (In LBS) 14,500 14,500 18,000
Typical Application Trailer Pulling In Terminals Trailer Pulling In Terminals Trailer Pulling In Terminals and on street