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Checklist Caddy Kit (Book, Pouch & Pen)

Product Description

Inspection checklist available for Internal Combustion Counterbalance, Electric Counterbalance, Narrow Aisle / Reach Truck, Electric Pallet Truck, Mobile Elevated Work Platform, Crane, Skid-Steer, Electric Stacker, Powered Industrial Scrubber / Sweeper, Tow Tractor / Personnel Carrier and Tractor Trailer / Semi-Trailer Truck.

As per CSA B335-15 Section 6.8 - Preoperational Inspection, a lift truck must be inspected before the beginning of each shift and that a record of the forklift inspection be kept on file. The Checklist Caddy is a complete checklist system that ensures the lift truck operator completes a full forklift inspection prior to operation and a copy of the forklift inspection form be duplicated for office records.

The checklist caddy kit comes with a highly durable and visible storage case that can be easily mounted anywhere on any piece of equipment.  Each checklist book has 75 carbonless copy daily forklift inspection forms.

The Checklist Caddy comes complete with:

  • Checklist book, plastic pouch and pen


Types of checklist inspection forms available:

  • Internal Combustion Counterbalance Forklift Inspection forms
  • Electric Counterbalance Forklift Inspection forms
  • Narrow Aisle / Reach Truck Inspection forms
  • Electric Pallet Truck Inspection forms
  • Mobile Elevated Work Platform Inspection forms
  • Crane Inspection forms
  • Skid-Steer Inspection forms
  • Electric Stacker Inspection forms
  • Powered Industrial Scrubber / Sweeper Inspection forms
  • Tow Tractor / Personnel Carrier Inspection forms
  • Tractor Trailer / Semi-Trailer Truck Inspection forms
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