Eagle-Eye Forklift Camera System

Product Description

The Eagle-Eye is the first reinforced all-in-one forklift camera system.  The Eagle-Eye is a durable, metal encased forklift camera system that is IP67 rated for dust and water protection.  The Eagle-Eye is also a fully wireless camera system, so no unnecessary cables are needed between the camera and the monitor.  The Eagle-Eye comes complete with 9" LCD monitor, 40-hour battery pack, camera, key fob switch and carriage mount bracket.  Hardwire installations not recommended for Crown lift trucks, call for options.

The  features:
1. Durable design protects the camera from damage
2. Equipped with 40 hour life battery
3. Includes key fob operating system to extend the life of the battery
4. Quick and easy installation in minutes
5. Monitor can be installed on any 12-48V forklift

Available in Standard Class 2 and Class 3 Carriage models

Prices are subject to change without notice.