Battery Service Programs

Forklift Battery, Charger Service and PM Programs

Did you know that battery and charger warranty is contingent on quarterly battery and charger maintenance programs?

Let MasonLift customized a program to help keep you in compliance.
  • Battery maintenance on all makes and models
  • On-site battery cabling and connector repair
  • Safety and maintenance accessories
  • Re-conditioning service
  • Battery handling equipment
  • 24/7 full maintenance programs
Battery Programmed Maintenance Service Covers:
  • Battery/Charger Compatibility
  • Cable position
  • Clean and neutralize
  • Check specific gravity and electrolyte level in each cell
  • Reading at ambient temperature Check voltage in each cell Check voltage leak in truck NEG__VOLTS POS__VOLTS
  • Inspect battery positive terminal
  • Inspect for raised positive battery links
  • Inspect battery negative
  • Check battery shrouds
  • Inspect cables for splits and wearing
  • Inspect sealing compound
  • Partial reseal / complete reseal
  • Inspect water indicator
  • Inspect watering system (if equipped)
  • Inspect battery stops and battery locks and latches
  • Advise of battery tray condition (if battery was removed)
  • Inspect battery connector also truck and charger
Battery Charger Service Covers:
  • Name plate identification and verification
  • Check A/C input / DC Output
  • Check ammeter / proper calibration
  • Check and adjust high-low rate control
  • Inspect Rectifier / Transformer
  • Visual Inspection of all connections
  • Clean and lubricate moving parts
  • Clean charger Inspect access door latches and hinge 
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