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BC Saftey Council

This one day Forklift Certification Course is designed to take the Operator through the safe operational techniques of a Fork Lift Truck, and make Operators aware of the Industry Standard for safe lift truck operation. The program provides ample opportunity to work on the equipment with the Instructor and finally to be evaluated and certified. This course is also available as a 1/2 day 2 year refresher course.


To provide the operator with:
  • An understanding of current regulations;
  • Instruction on how to safely operate a lift truck;
  • An overview of the most common types of trucks and their features;
  • A pre-shift inspection form;
  • Practice driving, aiming and maneuvering to meet a basic
    measurable level of skill;
  • Information on different fuel types and how to handle.
All successful graduates of our Lift Truck Operators Course will receive wallet size certification cards. This course fully satisfies the regulatory requirements regarding Lift Truck training and evaluation that both WCB and Labour Canada have in place.

* The program will be conducted at our facility or at client's location. Lunch will be provided at our location. On-site training has a minimum cost of $1000 or 5 full attendees. All attendees requite some experience and must have at least basic skills. This is not a beginner course.

* This program is offered through MasonLift Ltd.

* This program is in full compliance with Standards and Regulations set forth in OSHA 1910-178(L), ANSI B56.2 Subsection 4.19, and in accordance with the C.S.A. Standard B335-94. This program is recognized by Labour Canada and meets the Standards of the Canada Material Handling Regulations SOR/72/288.

* MasonLift Ltd. will assist you to achieve your ISO9000 Goals.


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