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MasonLift's Planned Maintenance programs ensure the high stress components such as your engine, transmission, steer axle and mast are routinely cleaned, inspected and if necessary, serviced. Routine maintenance is recommended to help the efficiency and the safety of your lift truck. Planned Maintenance programs help to reduce downtime, extend the life of the lift truck and increases the safety of your forklift.

MasonLift offers a full range of customized Planned Maintenance programs to enhance the productivity of your material handling equipment.

Planned Maintenance features include:
  • Annual inspections
  • Safety inspections
  • Emission Testing
  • Fixed price maintenance programs
  • Cost per hour analysis
  • Annual repair summaries
  • Planned Maintenance intervals tailored to your needs
  • Computer tracked and prompted
  • Largest fleet of fully equipped service vans

Call us today for more details on our Planned Maintenace programs!

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