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Toyota's System of Active Stability (SAS), a leading-edge, breakthrough electronic-control technology, raises the 8-Series lift truck's material handling performance and safety to new heights. This patented SAS technology, introduced with the 7-Series lift trucks and continuously improved since, actively monitors and controls more than 3,000 lift truck movements and functions to help keep a vehicle from tipping.

SAS's unparalleled success comes from two first-in-the-world breakthroughs in lift truck technology: the Active Control Rear Stabilizer and the Active Mast Function Controller.

Using four sensors -- height, load, speed and yaw rate -- to monitor key areas, the Active Control Rear Stabilizer greatly improves lateral stability during turns. In the event the lift truck is in danger of tipping or otherwise becomes unstable due to taking a curve too quickly or sharply, the system activates a Swing Lock Cylinder to lock the rear axle and thus widen the lift truck's support area. This almost doubles the lift truck's lateral stability, providing quick and secure manoeuvrability while improving productivity.

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